Gorky Park

The name resonates in the West largely because of the Cold War thriller novel (1983) by Martin Cruz Smith. This is one of Moscow's big green spaces, lining the River Moskva. Opened in 1928, it went by the optimistic name of Culture Park (Park Kultury), but these days in summer it's more of an amusement park, with cafés and snack bars, and a host of dodgy-looking funfair rides, including a giant Ferris wheel (offering fine views). Another unique attraction is an original Buran space shuttle.

Gorky Park a good place to take a stroll and watch Muscovites at ease. A jetty next to the park is the departure point for summer river cruises – a pleasant way see the sights of the city centre. In winter, skaters head for Gorky Park to spin around the ponds and flooded paths.

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